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Website is the money maker for this business, so it needed a facelift!

Oceanfront Vacation Rentals needed a newly designed and user friendly website.  Their online presence is the essential part of their business.  The online bookings is the main money maker for this company.  NeoNexus integrated a new design, made a more user friendly booking process, is currently working on social media and SEO for them, and more importantly making the website more personable for this amazing business!

6 day deadline to get a new website created from scratch!

Drift and Dream needed a website and FAST! They had a major radio ad campaign about to launch and wanted something professional in a hurry. NeoNexus secured their domain name, set up their email, designed, coded and filled their website with content in six days! Our keyboards were on fire!

Introduced her new product to the online ecommerce market!

The rebuilding of Relax! Massage Therapy’s website was a challenge for NeoNexus to bring the inviting feel of massage therapy outside of its home studio and onto the internet to spark prospective client’s interest. The new website is equipped with a custom design, using custom graphics and logos, serene photos and soft colors to mimic the feel of the calming experience massage therapy brings to its customers. Relax! Massage Therapy’s spectacular new website is as tranquil as the services it provides.

More personable website needed to show off their caring and compassionate efforts

Phoenix Employment Ministry wanted a visually looking lighter website that showed some of the aspects of the volunteer program, presenting it more personally with their own image throughout the site. It is a semi-custom built site with a basic design template that they had chosen from some our examples and it turned out great!

Needed a fresh design and SEO work for a nationwide campaign

Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming needed a fresh redesign for their current website. NeoNexus designed and built all that functionality. Tarheel is a company that helps clients establish clear document archive policy and provided them impeccable storage, microfilming, scanning, and destruction solutions.

Old website = no customers
New website = tons of traffic!

AB Contracting came to NeoNexus because their existing website was getting poor ratings from the search engines. NeoNexus has redesigned their entire website and incorporated current SEO techniques to improve their rating over time.

Wanted to out-do his competition with this personal website

Contractor Services is an oil and gas driller and environmental construction contractor. CSi wanted a complete redesign of their website. We integrated a blog so they could post their own news, added TONS of flash to showcase their large photo collection, and added a special touch with the “A Day in the Life of” story at the bottom of the home page. If you want to learn how to personalize a website for your web customers, this is it.

Major online market built to suit over 10,000 products

Vidalco is a wine importer and distributor of specialty wines including Romania. They got a complete website redesign with all the bells and whistle: blog, shopping cart, contact forms, photo gallery…you name it. The shopping cart was integrated into their website design. It handles up to 10,000 products and allow for multiple categorization of products.

Old web designer quit on the job, and we flew in and saved the day.  Very stress-free!

Commercial Laundry sells, you guessed it…commercial washers and dryers. They got their first website from us after their previous web designer was unable to finish the project. We got a small website up in two days for a conference they were attending, and followed later with the full website.

Lost their old web guy, needed a facelift design and SEO

Acupuncture and Herbal Solutions’s vision is to work with your vital energy to naturally bring mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance.  They came to NeoNexus to get a facelift on their design and to get some basic SEO.  NeoNexus implemented search engine optimization techniques and is still improving their ranking. NeoNexus also helped condense all their web frustrations of, multiple domain issues, hosting issues, etc.  We took care of all of the mess and made it easy for them to come just to US with any problem they may have…instead of having to track down at least 5 other sources before!

Changed a standard GoDaddy website to a flashy, original look!

Chandler’s Limo is West Virginia’s best provider of limousine service. NeoNexus replaced a GoDaddy template website with a custom site to significantly improve their look. We added a flash animation on the home page, and customized the scroll bars to look very elegant. If you are tired of lots of rectangles on websites, see how we added curves to soften the look of the website.

Redesign and SEO work needed to get them to #1 Locally!

Your Computer Friends needed a redesign and SEO help on their main keyphrases so that they could be on page one Google locally.  NeoNexus redesigned their website, making it more user friendly and have worked on their SEO main keyphrases and campaigns.

Needed to capture those web visitors from all around the world!

Michael Banks Realty needed a website redesign that was more user friendly for his customers that were from all over the world.  His main market is Camp Lejeune and Jacksonville, NC, so he has marines and their families all over the world that are looking to move close to this base, so he wants them to find him!  We are working on his SEO to get this to happen, and expressed how important for him it is to blog.  He blogs about Jacksonville’s community, school system, news, Camp Lejeune news. and real estates news.  These are all things that new families want to know about a new area they are going to move and grow with their family.


Located in Charleston WV and Wilmington NC, We offer web design and ecommerce website design services.

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