If you could only pick five plugins for your WordPress Site…

WordpressIf you had to choose FIVE plugins from the thousands that you could add to your WordPress Blog or Website, which ones would you pick?  This is my personal top five that I find most useful for most of the clients I’ve dealt with.  It’s the standard five for just about every WordPress site NeoNexus puts out these days.  Even if you don’t really want a lot of bells and whistles on your WordPress site,  I’d still highly recommend you get at least these five plugins.

All In One SEO Pack

You don’t have to be an SEO expert, but just grab this one.  It’s a super plugin, user-friendly with built in tips as you go.  This really gives you full control of your meta page titles, meta page descriptions and meta keywords for each individual page and post.  You can also set up defaults for what will appear if you don’t choose specifically.


Google XML Sitemap Generator

Again, no SEO expert needed here.  You just activate this plugin and click the “create xml sitemap” button and you’re done.  You will need to sign up with Yahoo to get that part done, but it’s worth the effort to be found by those searching with Yahoo.


cForms II

This one is a little less user-friendly, but a very versatile form creator.  You can do anything from your typical easy contact form (a default form is built in) to a form that only takes a certain number of submissions before it shuts itself off.  A bit more of a learning curve here, but PLENTY of instruction and help along the way.


Google Map Embed

If you’ve ever tried to get a google map into a page or post on WordPress you may have run into the mystical disappearing Google Map iframe.  This plugin makes it easy, click a button, paste the Google map url, choose the dimensions,  click “ok” and your map is there never to disappear again.  Yay!



It’s a default to any WordPress installation, for a good reason.  Get set up with Akismet and save yourself about 1000 viagra comments on your blog or site.  Enough said.


Mind you, there are literally THOUSANDS of plugins and this barely scratches the surface of what is available.  If you can think of something you need on your site, there’s a good chance it’s out there.  Many times, with the help of a good ol’ Google Search I’ve been surprised to find just what I’ve needed for a client that I never imagined would be out there.

Disclaimer: Watch out for older plugins that don’t have recent updates to them compared to what version of WordPress you are using, it’s a good idea to stay in the http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins area to see when a plugin was last updated and on the right side there is a convenient comparison for which version of the plugin will work with which version of WordPress according to other people who have used it.

What five would you pick?

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