New Magento Issue with Too Many Products…

NeoNexus has numerous customers with thousands
of products.  Magento is our choice eCommerce solution no matter how many products your site needs to manage.  Recently, we had a problem with one of our customer’s sites who has 4,000+ products.  The customer was very frustrated and upset that they could not get this to work right for them.  Luckily, we stepped in before our customer lost it and threw their computer out the window…  We found out that this is a “bug” in the features of this open source platform for eCommerce.

Apparently, if your Magento site has over 1,800 products, the import function through the administration panel will not function properly!  I know, sometimes I even have a hard time believing such a thing with such a great product, but nothing is perfect, right?   NeoNexus continued to try this export and import not knowing of the issue to begin with.  We couldn’t figure out if the internet at this customer’s location was timing out, or if someone was just doing something wrong.  After some research, we found that it was not us at all.  Please see here if you would like more information about this particular problem:  Magento “Bug”

After discussing this and eliminating all other possibilities, NeoNexus’ programmers created a script that is started through the browser but actually running on the server!  The great thing about this fix, is that no matter what, whether you get kicked off the internet, turn your computer off, or your house catches on fire, you will get your export..  After the script is done running on the server, you can grab the export file right off the FTP just as you would have run it through the Administration Panel.  Needless to say, our customer is very happy and able to export and import all of their products at once with ease.

If you are experiencing something similar, don’t get frustrated and discouraged, Contact NeoNexus today for your Magento “Bug” fix!!

Have a great Halloween Weekend!!

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