NeoNexus Magento Overview

Magento is currently the world’s fastest-growing
e-commerce platform and it is now used by 30,000 merchants. It has over 2000 extensions available and has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.
Magento  has an incredible array of features with different tiers of capability. Perhaps one of Magentos best features is the ability to run multiple e-commerce stores from one admin area.
One of its other main benefits is a one-page checkout with the ability to ship products to multiple addresses.
You have the option of having one store selling lots of different products and then creating a store for each niche. So for example, if you have a store selling pool tables, ping pong tables, and air hockey tables, you can create a separate store for each, all using the same database.
Magento is also iPhone optimized to allow shoppers to make purchases from your store with their iPhone.
From a customer point of view Magento also has a wide range of useful features. Customers are able to view their account information including not only the order history, but also manage the address they are having their items shipped to and newsletter subscriptions.

A Magento store can easily be made to look stunning with the help of a customized theme and there are several websites with many quality themes available now for a more semi-custom look.

Once you have your Magento e-commerce store running, another important requirement of course is traffic. Magento has the ability to automatically produce search engine friendly URLs. It also produces a site map to ensure your website has all its pages indexed by the search engines.  You also have the option of entering Meta information for individual products and categories allowing you to optimize each page for maximum search engine friendliness.

Once you have traffic to your store it is important to be able to analyze statistics, thankfully Magento has several useful reports available including, search terms used, total sales, best customers, most viewed products, and low stock reports just to name a few.
As Magento has been going for a while now, there is a large community forum evolved to help new users with the many questions they may have.

The company who created Magento e-commerce platform is called Varien and they are based in Los Angeles California.They are a small group of highly motivated e-commerce experts that became frustrated by the other open source shopping cart software available. Consequently they decided to create their own and that is how Magento commerce was born.

So to summarize, Magento offers excellent e-commerce store software and NeoNexus highly recommends it and have become experts in implementing Magento sites.  Contact us today to get your Magento site going!

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