Multiple Store Fronts – A Magento Feature

There’s a plethora of open source eCommerce systems available today. When building a store for a customer, NeoNexus is very careful to select the platform best suited for their requirements. In many cases, we have opted for the Magento platform because of its feature set and flexibility.

One of the biggest advantages Magento has over the rest of the open source eCommerce market is the ability to host multiple store fronts from a single installation. For example, perhaps you want to sell some of your goods online under an alternate trading name from what appears as a separate website but you don’t want to create a whole new site. Magento lets you expand your existing store to mutiple sites using the same codebase and backend interface.

Let’s say you have numerous products that are completely different, you want them on seemingly completely separate websites with different looks,  but you want to maintain all the products with one admin screen?  Magento can.

Or you have the same product but sell it in two different ways, possibly retail and wholesale?  Magento can.

Magento’s powerful multi-store front option allows you to create as many store fronts as you want, but log into only one administration screen to control everything.  This saves the customer money, making it possible to invest that money into more important aspects of the company.  Can you imagine, you tell the products where to be shown, you tell them what price to show on which sites, you tell them which images to show on which sites, and YOU specify everything in ONE place!

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