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Skype 5.5 Crash on Windows

For some reason, a bunch of users of Skype had their Skype start crashing recently.  It literally was out of the blue; one day it was working, and the next day, Skype started crashing as soon as you typed any message to anyone.  We checked the Skype forums, and this issue was pervasive.

While there is no known fix for this version, the fix we all used was to upgrade to the beta version 5.7:


Run that upgrade, and hopefully like the rest of us, your Skype will start working again.

You know, I have used Skype for at least six years, and I have to say, I’ve never seen so many issues since Microsoft purchased it. ¬†Thanks Microsoft :)

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SEO BY Dummies

We get emails and phone calls all the time from people wanting to sell web marketing services TO NeoNexus.¬† I also know¬†that our customers receive them frequently as well.¬† While the message sounds good on the surface, if you dig into into, its all smoke and mirrors.¬†¬† Let’s break this one down.¬† Here is the email I received this morning:

Neonexuscorp.com Team,
I thought you might like to know some of the reasons why you are not getting enough Social Media and Organic search engine traffic for neonexuscorp.com

1. Social profile is not available in top Social Media websites.

2. Your site has 97 Google back links, this can be improved further.

There are many additional improvements that could be made to your website, and if you would like to learn about them,
and are curious to know what our working together would involve, then I would be glad to provide you with a detailed analysis in the form of a

Our clients consistently tell us that their customers find them because they are at the top of the Google search rankings. Being at the top left of Google (#1- #3 organic positions) is the best thing you can do for your company’s website traffic and online reputation.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to email us or alternatively you can provide me with your phone number and the best time
to call you.

Best Regards,
Milda Jones
SEO Consultant


PS1: This is onetime email and you may ask us to ‚ÄúREMOVE‚ÄĚ you from our
mailing list.

PS2: I found your site from online advertising but did not click.

PS3: We operate 24 x7. I will be happy to send you links to price list,money back guarantee, client
rankings, client testimonials, ‚ÄúHow we are different from others?‚ÄĚ, and ‚ÄúWhy should you choose us?‚ÄĚ on receiving a response from

This is a case study in how NOT to email market.

  1. They do not actually know how much traffic NeoNexus gets.  You can use tools to guess, but there is no way they actually know.  Therefore, they do not know if we are getting enough traffic or not, nor do they know if we are getting good quality traffic that converts or low quality traffic that does not.  Lie #1
  2. Their statement that our “Social Profile” is not available in top social media sites is at best, vague, or at worst, meaningless.¬† Your “social profile” in Facebook is by design only available to your friends/fans, so its never “not available”.¬† For Twitter, all profiles are available to everyone if you search for them.¬† For LinkedIn, your profile is publicly visible if you want it to be.¬† So, where exactly are we “not available”?
  3. Regarding our Google backlinks are 97, that is just a fabrication.  Here is a screen shot from Google Webmaster tools showing that we have over 80,000 links.  97 or 80,000; they were not even close.  Lie #2search engine optimization
  4. They claimed they found our website by seeing an Adwords advertisement, but not clicking on it.  NeoNexus has done so well with organic optimization we have not run any Adwords campaigns for ourselves in two years.  Lie #3
  5. They tell you to contact them for their Unique Value Proposition (USP) as to why they are better than others.¬† That’s a marketing no-no.¬† The USP needs to be in this email, not in a follow-up.¬† If they don’t understand email marketing, how well can they perform at web marketing?
  6. If they had read our website, they would know that we implement search engine optimization ourselves, so they never even bothered to look at our website to research us.

Search engine optimization works IF you follow our procedure:

  • Identify IF your target market is searching on-line.¬† If your product or service is unique, new, or very complicated, your prospects MAY not be looking on-line for you, and SEO/Adwords is not for you.
  • If you target market IS online, how tough is the competition for different key phrases?¬† Going after broad phrases like “gerbil” may get you a lot of traffic, but they may not buy.¬† A longer tail phrase like “gerbil pet care” will get you a lot less traffic, but the conversion could be much higher.¬† The cost to go after longer tail phrases can be MUCH cheaper.
  • How well do you currently rank for your keywords?¬† Its easier to push websites already on pages 2/3 to page 1 than it is to push a website on page 50 to page 1.
  • If you are having trouble finding your proper SEO key phrases, Adwords can be used to do research quickly prior to starting an SEO campaign.
  • Is your website ready for more traffic?¬† If yes, great, but if not, make sure it is ready to convert when new traffic arrives.

The bottom line is that SEO won’t work unless¬†a client specific analysis is done.¬†¬†Each client and each key phrase for each client have a unique web visibility profile.¬† If that analysis is not done, then you don’t know if you can succeed or what it will take to succeed.¬† Before spending your hard earned marketing dollars on any kind of web marketing, try to sort through the smoke and mirrors.

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NeoNexus Live on Google Plus (+)

Check out our new Google Plus business page:

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Why Netflix did the RIGHT thing!

I have never heard so many whiners complain about a price hike as I have seen with Netflix.  It shows just how many American adults still act like spoiled children.  Here are some of the comments I have seen on blogs:

  1. the cost is too high
  2. if you raise the price, add more content
  3. 60% price increase is WAY too much
  4. I don’t want to pay two separate bills
  5. I want more current titles
  6. no one raises prices in a recession

The only thing Netflix did wrong was to back down from their original announcement.¬† And let’s face it, the only reason they reversed that decision at ALL was for INVESTORS, not the customers.¬† Here is why:

  • Netflix’ current pricing is RIDICULOUSLY low already.¬† How many of you have cable or satellite subscriptions right now?¬† Do ANY of you pay less than $39 per month for those services? When you add movie channels, I know MANY people that pay near $100 per month for their traditional television content.¬† With Netflix, you get NO commercials, you don’t have to watch when the show is on; you can stream at the time of your choosing, and you can watch on smart phone, tablet PC, television, xBox, Wii, laptop.¬† All of that for less than $15 per month.¬† That’s the cost of buying ONE DVD at Wal-mart, and you can watch 24 hours per day on Netflix for that same price per month.¬† The value Netflix has provided FAR exceeds the price they charge.
  • Netflix is trying to add more content, but they are hamstrung by the content providers.¬† Thanks to the lobby of the media elite over the last 50 years, content is overly protected by the government.¬† This new technology of streaming doesn’t even fit into the current licensing models, so the content industry (Sony, Warner Brothers, and all the other big media companies) are trying to milk every dollar they can.¬† If you want to whine about anything, whine to them about their pricing models.¬† I mean, did THEY ever let you upgrade your VHS to DVD for FREE, since you already bought the license to a movie once?¬† How many times do we have to pay for the same thing?¬† You saw where STARZ is pulling content from Netflix because they wanted something like $300 million a year for their content alone.¬† They see that Netflix is growing, and they want their UNFAIR share of that revenue.¬† Netflix can’t show more content unless its costs effective, so the war is now on between the content distributors and the content owners.¬† I support Netflix over the embedded content owners all day long.
  • A 60% price increase is WAY too much … yeah right.¬† If your property taxes are $5000, and the government raises them by 60%, THAT is a lot of money.¬† A 60% increase on a $10/month subscription is chump change.¬† Percentages are relative to the items cost, so don’t whine about percentages on items that cheap to begin with.¬† $5/month is still so low its irrelevant.
  • Paying two bills instead of one … you forget that a ton of us Netflix fans do NOT care about the DVDs anymore.¬† We opted out as soon as they gave us the option.¬† Wait for DVDs, remember to mail them back, worry about them scratching…no way.¬† All we care about is the streaming content.¬† DVDs are a dinosaur, it makes perfect sense to break out the DVDs into a separate invoice since that business is dying.
  • More “current titles” is tied up in the war with the content providers.¬† Similar to Pandora’s problems with the music licensing, Netflix is getting them as fast as they can within the limitations set by the content owners.¬† I stayed in a hotel recently in San Francisco, and noticed that it was $13 to watch ONE current movie on their Pay Per View.¬† Did I buy one?¬† Hell no, I fired up my laptop and streamed Netflix content INCLUDED in my $10/month subscription at no additional charge.
  • No one raises prices in a recession…yeah right.¬† The price in any market is based on supply and demand, NOT the recession.¬† Now, if you are selling your house, then no, raising the price of the house is not a good decision because the housing market has more supply than demand.¬† You see doctors lowering their prices?¬† You see technology companies lowering their prices?¬† No, because its market driven.¬† The demand for content is high, and the demand for “convenient” content (streaming to phones and iPads) is even stronger.¬† A large majority of us want more streaming content, and are willing to pay more to get it.

Just like our national economic situation, much of this outcry comes from people with no understanding of economics.¬† I read recently that Netflix lost 800,000 customers.¬† And you “assume” that’s a bad thing right?¬† Wrong.¬† Here is the math:

Quarter Subscribers Price Revenue
3rd 24600000 $9.99 $245,754,000.00
4th 23800000 $15.98 $380,324,000.00

As you can see, while their subscribers went down, their revenue went up.  (This assumes that everyone who stayed kept both plans, which is not the case, so the actual revenue is lower.  Nevertheless, their total revenue was still WAY up for the quarter, per their 10K report).

More importantly, not only did their revenue go up, but those 800,000 that left…those are the cheapskates.¬† American consumers make the FALSE assumption that all money is created equal.¬† Business owners know that is crap.¬† There are basically four types of customers:

  1. A – Raving Fans – They tell everyone they know how great you are.
  2. B – Good Customers – They pay their bills, may demand top notch service, and are willing to give and take.
  3. C РMediocre Customers РThey are cheap, pay late OR demand an unreasonable amount of service.  They should be rehabilitated to a B customer, or moved to D.
  4. D РIntroduce them to your competitors customers РThese customers COST you more money OR pain because they whine about everything, they pay their bills late, and are never happy.  Get rid of them.

If you are a pain the ass customer, that is fine IF you are paying for the privilege.¬† If you want the lowest price, but are an easy customer that understands that the cheapest cost reduces your service level, that is acceptable as well.¬† But if you are cheap AND a pain in the ass, it ain’t worth it.¬† Your money is NOT as good as the others, because the retail price you pay doesn’t cover the additional labor and interest on your late payments to do business with you.¬† One of the evolutionary steps in a good business is to know when to walk away from customers.

Netflix got rid of 800,000 C/D customers … good for them.¬† Their business will be more profitable because of it, and their employees will have better morale.¬† They will spend some of that money on new content for the rest of us.

I canceled cable tv in 2003 when my son was born.¬† Now, even at a hotel, I cannot watch a show with commercials; drives us nuts.¬† Once you get used to NOT having commercials, you will never go back.¬† For several years, this meant we only rented movies, but now, thanks to Netflix, we can stream content anytime, anywhere, from just about any device.¬† Yesterday, I sat on the front porch giving out Halloween Candy, and when the trick or treater crowd was slow, I watched Law and Order, Criminal Intent, on my Motorola Xoom, streamed from Netflix.¬† I also played Pandora Halloween music from my smart phone.¬† Streaming content is unbelievably cool, and Netflix gets kudo’s for being the first to make it happen.

So, to all you whiners complaining about Netflix, good riddance.  The rest of us 23 million strong and growing subscribers can do fine without you.

And to the stockholders of Netflix, have you lost your minds?

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Lexington Furniture

We are working with a great new client based in Wilmington, NC and their company is called Great Priced Furniture.  We are in the process of helping with them with some maintenance and programming changes on their website that will increase their conversion, traffic to their website, and more importantly, overall performance of the website.  They are also going to be debuting a new redesign in the next month that we are all excited about.

Great Priced Furniture has many amazing furniture products for anyone’s type of style. ¬†One of my favorite brands at their company is the very stylish Lexington Furniture. ¬†I have also been a fan of this style in my home and I can’t wait until the new fashion forward pieces come out each season. ¬†The Lexington Furniture collection has many amazing brands as well that they debut such as Trump collection or the southern favorite Tommy Bahama. ¬†Visit this Lexington Furniture page to search through all these amazing collections.

So check out our client’s site and get shopping at North Carolina’s Largest On-Line Furniture Dealer!!

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Mophie: Juice Pack Air for the iPhones

As I am sitting and reading the Macworld magazine, I came across yet another product I need for my iPhone.  These products already exist for the 3G and 3Gs (if you are like me and still have the old version which is like living under a rock these days) but they are newly remodeled and available for the iPhone 4.

Mophie has made these Juice Pack Air hard shells for the iPhones. ¬†These sleek, thin and sassy colored hard shell cases literally juice up your phone with virtually twice the battery life with its built in rechargeable battery. Every color you can think of, not bulky at all, and shock-proof rubberized band make this thing amazing. ¬†So I am debating, do I upgrade my phone and then get one or get one now…I will stick to upgrading, I think.
This will be a priority item for me since I feel like I have to charge my phone every single night!

Watch the commercial here for this new product!

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Having a problem "checking in" on your Facebook iPhone app?

So I am not one to check-in, I frankly, don’t like for people to know where I am all the time. ¬†BUT, in some cases, it will work out to my advantage. ¬†Lots of restaurants, car repair places, stores, etc. are giving away coupons and deals to people that check in so of course I wanted to take advantage of this. ¬†This is when I noticed my iphone Facebook app would not let me check in.

I read plenty of google comments and facebook faqs and finally figured it out. ¬†First off, make sure in your Privacy Settings of facebook that you have Location Services enabled. ¬†This is where most people got stuck, but since the lastest update to the software of everyone’s iphones, it messed with your Facebook location settings.

Manually go into your Settings on your iPhone, then go to General, click on Location Services and this will have a full list of apps that most are games, or whatever you have that you have probably clicked no for using your location for the apps.  Facebook should be turned on in order to check in!

I have tested this and yes this was the error and I have the older iPhone.  Hope this helps!!

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"Like" Us on Facebook for a little getaway giveaway…

Right now if you “like” us on Facebook, you can click our Contest tab to the left and enter to win an A-MAZEEE-ING giveaway. ¬†The contest will end when either we get 500 participants or July 31, 2011 – whichever comes first. ¬†If you are a company that has a Facebook page of your own, just don’t know how to use it to your full advantage for your website and company, check out our Social Media page. ¬†When we are not always running great contests on our Facebook, we also post some helpful computer related articles, blogs, comments and problems our customers are having (hopefully to help, you the reader).

So don’t wait – like our page now on Facebook so you can relax for a little bit and win some R & R………

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One Man, Almost 3,000 Miles, and a Goal to Inspire a Nation!

49 year old¬†Dean Karnazes is a runner, and author of¬†Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All Night Runner, which details ultra endurance running for the general public and is¬†described as “the world’s most famous ultramarathon runner”. ¬†He is¬†running across America as we speak from California to the Regis and Kelly Studios in NYC. ¬†To have this indurance to run that far is beyond me! ¬†I mean I work out and I get bored after like 15-20 minutes. ¬†Regis and Kelly has a crew following him along the way making sure his health is taken care of, he is fed, resting at night, etc. which is amazing.

If you click the Run Across America page on Regis and Kelly, you can keep up to date to read Dean’s blog, see is health stats, track him running across America. ¬†He is said to run 40-50 miles a day to keep on track.

The inspiration and endurance this man has is amazing.  Follow the rest of his journey and bio here!

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